About the oil

History of sunflower and sunflower oil

Sunflower was first cultivated by Native Americans. They collected the seeds, from which they baked a certain type of bread and also made the oil. It was used for cooking, regeneration of the skin and hair. Sunflower oil was also used for the preparation of the colour on the body during the war. In subsequent years, the sunflower spread to Europe. In 1830, Ukraine was supposedly established the first mill for processing sunflower seeds into oil. From Ukraine sunflower oil production spread to Eastern Europe and Russia.

Sunflower oil today

Today, sunflower oil is primarily produced in Ukraine, south Russia and other south-eastern countries that are large sunflower growers. Usually, on the market appears refined sunflower oil. This is used as a standard cooking oil, in addition it is also used to manufacture margarine and mayonnaise. Sunflower oil cold pressed is quite special product.

The composition of sunflower oil

Sunflower oil contains saturated fatty acids, which are palmitic and stearic acid (1:1). It also contains oleic acid, unsaturated fatty acids and simple linoleic and linolenic acids. Furthermore, in 100 grams of sunflower oil we have 70 mg of vitamin E.  Around 20 g of oil cover the daily dose of vitamin E.

Taste and use of sunflower oil

Refined sunflower oil has a neutral flavor and aroma. If we talk about the oil cold pressed, it has a slightly nutty flavor. The most common sunflower oil is refined oil. This oil we usually use in kitchen for roasting, braising and frying. Due to its neutral taste  it can also be used in cold dishes - to prepare mayonnaise, salad dressings or marinades.

Storage of sunflower oil

Sunflower oil can be stored at room temperature, but it is necessary to be stored in the dark place. When it is exposed in the light, sunflower oil is quickly perishable. Sunflower oil is getting more and more common in the minds of the customes giving to the taste and properties. The customers starting to prefer quality over price. Are you using sunflower oil or  do you prefer cheaper variants?

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